Lauren Clay – Violinist and Teacher
Lauren Clay – Violinist and Teacher


We were with Lauren for about 8 years since my oldest was 5 years old. We were recommended by our friend who's child had started lessons with Lauren. Lauren is patient, gentle and uses creative methods to get the techniques across. She quickly was able to access each child's different personalities and learning skills and catered to each child's needs. She is not afraid to give suggestions that will benefit the child as she has the child's best interest at heart. The communication between parent, teacher and child was always open and she gives verbal and written instructions and next steps after each lesson. She had become our friend as well as our teacher. My children were not keen to change teachers as they loved her teaching style so much. Unfortunately with the move for us, we were unable to find a suitable time for the children as her teaching schedule is so packed. I would highly recommend her as an excellent violin teacher!
Adeline T.
"Lauren is enthusiastic, creative, hard-working, professional and above all extremely talented.
If you haven't heard her play, you need to."
Marcus H.
"Our daughter has flourished in her love for the violin thanks to Lauren's teaching. We highly recommend."
Caroline M.
"Lauren is very patient, which makes her an ideal teacher for all ages. After my teenage daughter had lessons for 3 years learning a skill for Duke of Edinburgh Award, I took up her slot when she went off to university. Lessons with Lauren are always enjoyable and encouraging. She is keen to instil correct technique, prepares you thoroughly if undertaking exams and willingly explores your musical interests with you, beyond Suzuki syllabus and Classical, into Scottish or jazz for example. Her own playing is exceptional so the opportunity to duet is wonderful.

Sue S.
"I have recently attended a wedding where you played (unaccompanied) and it was an absolutely stunning performance. How you managed such a full sound with no accompaniment is baffling, you made it look effortless. I cannot recommend you highly enough."
Lucy C.
"Whilst working for my school as a violin teacher, Lauren showed herself to be an excellent musician and a popular teacher. Her pupils were always happy to attend her lessons and as a result of her expert teaching and happy and organised manner, they always did well in examinations. I would trust Lauren as a friend and colleague and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone."
Nicky B.
"We couldn't be more happy with the progress we have seen with Lauren teaching our daughter.  Lauren is always calm and positive in her approach to the lessons.  Her lessons are always well structured and feedback is always constructive." 

Jasmine K.